Taking Control of Your Life

The type of treatment I use combines well researched theories with practical strategies and proven techniques in ways that gives the client a sense of confidence. I must add that confidence comes from ability and ability from practice. You can talk about riding a bicycle all you want but without actual practice you go no where.

The type of treatment I use is designed to help clients learn to think, feel and react more flexibly thereby, experiencing improvements in mood, higher level of motivation, and enhanced relationships.

The first Key step in this process:

• Emphasizes the important role of thinking in how we feel and what we do.

• Teaches that when our brains are healthy, it is our thinking that causes us to feel and act the way we do.

• Learn to identify the thoughts and beliefs that are causing troublesome feelings, behaviors and interactions.

• Learn how to replace this thinking with new thoughts and beliefs that lead to more desirable reactions.

In phase two it is essential that we:

• Look at past patterns, how we interact with our families and with people in our current relationships.

• It asks us to examine our relationships and see if we are enacting old undesirable patterns.

• We then take current information and attempt to change the situation by doing something different which often has the effect of causing changes throughout the entire system.

Through this process you will learn to be gentler and more generous, not only with yourself and your friends but with those you love.